Welcome to the Southwest Restaurant & Hospitality Association of Texas

Southwest Restaurant & Hospitality Association of Texas

The Southwest Restaurant Association was established in 2007 by a group of business owners in Texas who had common goals and similar businesses. The group was established to provide members a program that would offer group rates to reduce the cost of insurance, while providing safety information and other benefits. The money saved by the members on their insurance premiums, and the payout of dividends, have made this program a great success.
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Industry Specific Coverage

Make sure any gaps or loopholes in your risk is covered before they cause a problem.

Loss Control Support

Run your business in a safe manner. When loss occurs in a business, the actual revenue lost is usually 6x the amount of the loss. Take preventative measures with training and loss prevention. Be proactive, not reactive, in preventing loss.

Policies & Procedures

Get the tools to make employees aware of safety. Association members have access to safety manuals written specifically for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Protect your business with policies that cover cell phone use, drug usage, damage procedures, etc.

Review Your Coverage Annually

How long has it been since you have reviewed your coverage? Businesses change, and so do risks. Southwest Restaurant Association recommends reviewing your coverage with an agent annually in order to minimize risk.

What do you get besides a bill?

Most providers just give you a bill and say your risk is covered. We take a different approach. We want to help avoid loss in the first place by providing loss control support, safety evaluations, and documentation for a safe workplace. We help Texas businesses actively avoiding loss.

When was the last time your agent reviewed your coverage? Members of the Southwest Restaurant Association review their coverage at least annually. Your business is changing continuously, your coverage should too. Your business should not fall victim to a gap in the coverage.

Business owners are already too busy running their business. So let the loss control experts come in and assess your workplace. Small changes can make a big difference in your insurance premiums. Our safety manuals and protocols make sure that the right procedures happen during an emergency, limiting the loss to your business and keeping your doors open.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Group savings on insurance products
  • Dividends on insurance
  • Safety programs designed specifically for your industry
  • HR provided by FarmersKey
  • Web based training

Enjoy Premium Savings, Annual Dividends, Safety Programs, HR assistance, Training

Know you are covered before you have to ask